The Men In My Life

*forewarning* This post is a severely unedited stop and go blurb for which i have no motivation to fix and make pretty and understandable. enjoy.

This weekend I dreamt the most *fabulous* dream in which Adam Lambert, my then (and now) gay boyfriend, turned straight! It took a lot of persistence on my part, and some tears if i'm remembering correctly... but i got him to do what years of electro-shock therapy in certain sects couldn't do for other boys. yeeeeowch. ah, i shouldn't have gone there. that's another subject of bigotry for another day. anyway, for some reason, i have some kind of--what do they call it-- conscience when i dream that severely inhibits any guilt-free pleasure that i should have slash can't convince myself that i'm entitled to. So. needless to say, it was somewhere in between PG and a weak PG-13, but i don't care, it was still a great dream. Speaking of non-existent/never-could-exist romances (i know i'm married! happily!)I just saw 17 again which stars my new young boyfriend Zac Efron. straight yes, but young. side note: i say young because when a guy is two years younger than you, it's really like 5 years with the maturity difference, especially in your early 20's. So many tangents...aaaanyway, I've never seen any of those high school whatever movies and when i saw him in hairspray, i thought he was cute, but didn't know what they hype was about. well. now that i've seen 17 again, i can't help but call him my new boyfriend #1. And the thing is, and i'm being completely unbiased when i say this, i think the kid can actually act. he wasn't given much of a chance with the other movies he's been in, but the angry face...ooooh. and those tears...wow. yep, boyfriend numero uno. I just felt the urge to share my superficial feeling with those of you who most likely don't care. and though i'm glad Mike never reads this, I would like to throw out there that he is completely aware of my different boyfriends/husbands, namely: Butch Walker, Adam Lambert, The Other Guy/James Marsden, Gerard Butler, Zac Efron, Tom Welling/Smallville Superman, Christopher Reeve (pre-sucking spinal fluid out of fetuses on South Park), Robert Pattinson, and last but not least, my bug-eyed and awkward Conor Oberst.


  1. lol, I loved this post. You are so funny, Tanisha! My favorite is the collage of hot guys. And then Mike. he he. :) Love the expression on his face.

    P.S. I wholeheartedly agree with your selections. Particularly Tom Welling and Gerard Butler. Very nice. To my personal list, I would add Hugh Jackman ( circa The Prestige. I'm not a huge fan of his Wolverine look, but I will tolerate it. ;) )

  2. haha. hugh jackman's wolverine look is my favorite of his! i forgot he was one of my husbands too. oh well.

  3. hahahahaha!! You rock. You are too darn funny. I miss you! How is Utah??

  4. Tish, we have some serious similar taste in men. I BIG HEART Adam Lambert. I have had several dreams about him (always waking up feeling terrified I've cheated on Tyson). And I LOVE Zac Efron. He's freaking sexy and yep, the kid can definitely act. He was awesome in 17 again.

    My hubby is 3 years younger than me... does that mean he's about 6 years younger than me maturity-wise?