spellying be's

Now, i've tried so hard over the years to let go of stupid spelling errors that people make here or there or hear or their. yes! i am a spelling snob but i just can't handle it anymore. i don't understand how people expect to be taken seriously when they can't differentiate the spelling of two words as well as my 7 year old cousin can. i'm not claiming that i'm perfect. i admit, in the heat of the moment when i'm typing furiously away (like now..so please disregard any errors) i'll do a little aprecciate nonsense here or there. it's normal. for those of you who are lost, it's a double P not double C. and you know what, i completely understand that there are people out there who just don't get it. can't spell, try really hard, and just can't do it. fine. but when i see joe blow who thinks he's so h-o-double-t in his pimped out sports car speeding down the freeway with a license plate that says "hunngar" instead of "en garde"--the actual french phrase that most of the e.you.es.aiy can't pronounce correctly--i get really irritated. which school system are my tax dollars actually going to? don't you think on something that permanent you would double check with something or someone, and i'm not talking about the 47 year old woman who's been working at the DMV her whole life with one tooth. i'm talking wikipedia...a dictionary..an encyclopedia...i don't know, SOMETHING valid! speaking of sources, i think what we have to blame is spell check. you always hear people saying, "spell check is my friend". well, for those of us who make dumb little mistakes, yes, it is our friend. but for those of you hoo cant spel a lic and just go along and rite an entyre esé like dis then just run through spell check at the end, you're not helping yourself. here's another classic i ran into today- some kid on facebook commented on my friend's status and asked, "is that a ufamism?" seriously? it even looks wrong. my poor friend had no idea what he was talking about and why should she? it's a long cry from euphemism. did i spell that right? i don't know, but it's better than that random line of letters. i wanted to say something to him, like...i don't know. if i could think of something good i might've said it. that was anti-climactic. sorry. anyway, last but not least, a couple of months ago, i was watching fox news and they did a segment on "caffine". really? can i please be editor of the ugly blue screen before news segments and make a lot more money than i do now because you have some idiot who can't spell editing?
aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! dfhusdfs dfsd... ok, i think i got it all out. and i hope none of this applies to any of you because i think i have a lot of smart friends, and no, i'm not saying that spelling well makes you any brighter than the next person...sigh... just keep spell checking, people.


  1. Ha - I love it! You crack me up! I love it when some guy is trying to romance me and then I see something he has written, or worse, he sends me some sort of Facebook message heavy-laden with spelling errors! EYE Hate it! :-) That is an automatic turn-off and points against the poor man.
    On another note, I added your blog to mine on "Blogs of Larissa's friends."

  2. Dude, I am just like you. It frustrates me to no end. The worst is when it's like, an official thing, like you said, on the news or something. Or if I'm reading an ad? If there is a spelling error, there is no way I think that company is professional. Or on a sign?? C'mon people! Ufamism. WOW. That one is awful!!

  3. Yes! As writer, I appreciate this post. :)

    I fear that in a world of texts, IMs, and twitter, the rules of the English language are slipping away. It's good to know that there are at least some people like us out there!

    (P.S. I checked this comment twice for spelling errors, heh.)