It was something like being Punk'd except no Ashton to tell me that it was going to be alright and that he would pay for my damages. I was just lucky enough to have to deal with some crooked insurance adjusters. So here's the deal- Some crazy ass mo fo decided to ram into the back of my 8 month old Scion TC and ruin my life up until this point and a few more months to come. I'm over it. But not really because it has spun us into the most inconvenient series of events that we were not ready for, such as : having to rent a car for 10 days that i could barely drive for the first little while because of the 4 painkillers i was on, then the long process of buying a new car with a ridiculous car payment, missing work/desperately needed monies for aforementioned ridiculous car payment, mike having to do dishes which...well, enough said. So here i am now driving my new race car around with a shiny red cast and an ever-aching shoulder. life.is.good.

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