Getting Dad Involved

I've realized from some of Mike's comments and the way he's been acting lately that he really doesn't feel like he's playing a big role yet. he hasn't been negative or rude or anything, just hinting about the fact that there's nothing for him to do; i'm the one carrying the baby, and feeling it kick, and getting sick. and taking care of me doesn't really connect him to the baby, it probably just makes him feel like a slave. So after failing to connect them with a few different ideas, i decided that from now on, i'm going to have him read to the baby. first he was reluctant and asked why don't i just do it, so i told him that the baby is always hearing me and it should hear him a little more. he began reading, still somewhat reluctant, but by the end of the book, he was having a full on conversation with the baby. it seems like just that small of a task for him really changed his mood around because it involved only him and the baby. so every night at 9pm it's Daddy and Baby reading time, and i'm so glad i found something that can make him feel a little closer to and more involved. next up, teaching him how to change, bathe, and burp a newborn...should be interesting.


  1. dear chocolate face collins,
    please update your blog, it has been two months now....
    some of us dont see you.
    X's Crystal Elizabeth Daniels

  2. I like this! That is a good idea. I think this is a common phenomenon from what I've picked up on. I will definitely hold onto this one for future. :-)